Navajo Jewelry

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Tips on Navajo Jewelry

The extraordinary transformation of Navajo jewellery designs can be regarded as the tools and process of the Navajo workmen that have changed over the years.

Collectors Can Get Gorgeous Hand-Made Turquoise Silver Jewelry Pieces that are Unique and Just About One-of-a-kind

The 100 plus yeas of change in commercial and cultural influences have influenced Navajo jewellery, although much of the Navajo jewelry continues to be hand made as it has for hundreds of years.

As, the global marketplace has expanded over the decade so has the demand for home made Navajo jewellery.

The expenses for most home made Navajo jewelry pieces are quite reasonable compared to other handcrafted pieces of similar beauty.  Plus, the style, history and culture is not comparable to any in the world.

Of all Navajo jewellery the bracelet is the best known.  It is one of the pieces that are most often purchases by travellers as keepsakes.  Also, Navajo jewellery Wholesalers sell more bracelets than any other type of jewellery too.

It’s a Pleasant Change for Folk Who Are Bored With Having the Same Jewellery pieces as Everyone Else

Over the last century turquoise has become more available to the Navajo Silversmiths.  Turquoise is typically imported from mines around Nevada and Colorado.

As Time Has Passed, the Availability of Turquoise and Other Stone has Become More Plentiful Permitting Silversmiths to Incorporate Them More Into Their Work

Normally a silversmith will put more than one set of turquoise stone in the bracelet to keep it from looking bare and half finished.

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